“……this event was absolutely inspiring for me.”
David Schutz, Director of Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue Archdiocese of Melbourne. (VIC)

“Wow, what an adventure! Although challenging, when looking back on the journey as a whole I absolutely loved it! “
Amelia Daraio, St Francis Xavier College. (VIC)

“We are so excited about the Aussie Camino we are spreading the word in hope that it becomes a successful pilgrimage that people around the world make the trip”
Jane Khong, Victoria (VIC)

“……one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had.”
Libby Lam, St Francis Xavier College. (VIC)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the week and have done my best to spread the good word about the new Aussie Camino”.
Veronica Forsyth, (QLD)

“Tough, but worth it”
Shane Greaves, Western Australia (WA)

“The Aussie Camino was a historical journey and I was glad to be a part of it. “
John Wakely, Newcastle (NSW)

George Doniger, Gold Coast (QLD)

“ ….. I was touched by so many things but the level of trust, the sharing of personal issues was very humbling.”
Fr Greg Bourke. (VIC)

“…..make it harder!!”
Mick Dillon, St Francis Xavier College. (VIC)

Paul Castley MSC has written  wonderful reflection. (see below) Aussie Camino by Paul Castley

Tee Ping Koh (SA) has written a lovely blog including photos, videos and commentary on his experience on the Aussie Camino. (see below)


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A camino experience marking significant places in the life of Mary MacKillop and Julian Tension Woods.